Grandstaff – LIVE and WELL

9 out of 10 dentists approve listening to this CD. The one who didn't recommend it wasn't a real dentist anyway.

16 Songs, 14 of them live cuts and 8 original songs written by Wil & Langdon. This CD contains "The Statler Brothers Song," a moving tribute to the Statlers. If you like good music, then you'll definitely like this CD! And if you don't like good music, well, then buy it anyway.


Tracks on this CD:

Folsom Prison Blues / Midnight Fire / Lonesome Like Me / Amber Waves / Mrs. Robinson / I'll Go To My Grave Loving You / She's Seen It All / By One Hand / The Bird / Lay You Down / Lighter Shade of Blue / Me & Bobby McGee / She Don't Love Me More Than NASCAR / Foolin' Around / His Knees Hit The Ground / The Statler Brothers Song


Price: $12.99

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