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The Statler Brothers, Harold Reid, Phil Balsley, Jimmy Fortune, and Don Reid, retired October 22, 2002

The Statler Brothers, Harold Reid, Phil Balsley, Jimmy Fortune, and Don Reid, retired October 22, 2002 with a farewell concert near their hometown that was recorded and is available on CD and DVD from this website.

Each Statler has approached his retirement differently, but all are enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Phil has quietly settled into an easier life that requires no more traveling. He’s usually at the Statler offices each morning, overseeing the day-to-day operations. Being at home gives him the time to be more involved in the things he enjoys most such as still singing in the choir at his home church and serving there as a governing Elder. He and Wilma live in a secluded country community just a couple of miles outside of Staunton

Jimmy has relocated to Nashville and delved into a solo career. He’s had a number of albums released, which can be found for your enjoyment on this website, and has written songs for many other artists. His touring and writing keep him busy, but he still gets back to Virginia to visit with the other Statlers on holidays and special occasions. Jimmy and Nina live in Hendersonville, TN.

Harold, after 40 years in the music business, completely retired and lived happily on his 85-acre farm. He was persuaded to join Don in writing a book of Statler memories titled “Random Memories”, but easily went back to the quiet life on the farm surrounded by his horses, his children and grandchildren and his wife, Brenda. Harold passed away April 24, 2020 at the farm he loved so dearly.

Don turned to writing books. He has had nine published since retiring from the music business. Heroes and Outlaws of the Bible; Sunday Morning Memories; You Know It’s Christmas When… written with his sons, Debo and Langdon; Random Memories with brother Harold. The next three were novels, O Little Town, One Lane Bridge and The Mulligans of Mt. Jefferson. A book of short stories, Half and Half and his latest, The Music of The Statler Brothers: An Anthology.

All of these can be obtained through this website. He also does occasional speaking engagements throughout the year. Don lives in Staunton with his wife Debbie and continues to write daily. Visit him at his personal

Harold, Phil, Jimmy and Don attend special exhibit ceremonies

hoffameThe Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville honored the Statler Brothers with a special exhibit on June 3, 2010. The 30-foot glass encasement consists of such Statler memorabilia as their first sound system; the red, white and blue microphones from their concert tours; original song scripts; the orange paint encrusted guitar from the film Smokey and the Bandit II; a box of Statler tissues; stage suits; lots of pictures and even the Roadhog outfit.

Harold, Phil, Jimmy and Don attended the ceremonies and participated in a 90-minute, onstage interview in front of a live audience that ended with a Q and A session with all those in attendance. They then went to the Hall of Fame gift shop and signed autographs that afternoon.

The Statler Brothers were honored at an Album Release Party by Dailey and Vincent

The hot young, award-winning Bluegrass Duo. D&V, in conjunction with Cracker Barrel Restaurants, have released a tribute album to the Statlers. Appropriately titled Dailey and Vincent sing The Statler Brothers, it consists of 12 Statler hits with arrangements you’ll readily recognize as Jamie (Dailey) and Darrin (Vincent) were true to every word and note in their salute.

The mini-concert to introduce the album and the following reception was held at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville on Feb 3, 2010. Many old friends attended such as Bill Gaither, Ricky Skaggs, Duane Allen, Joe Bonsall, Ralph Emery, Wilson Fairchild (formerly known as Grandstaff), Steve Wariner and a theater full of wonderful fans and friends.

Harold, Phil, Jimmy and Don were the honored guests and were royally entertained by hearing their music through the talent of such a prodigious performance as these two young entertainers and their amazing group gave. The album can only be bought at Cracker Barrel Restaurants and already it is on all the country and bluegrass charts and considered a best seller. Check it out and we think you’ll love it as much as the Statlers do.

The Gospel Music of the Statler Brothers

In January of 2010, the Statlers met with Bill Gaither in Nashville to record an interview for an upcoming project featuring Statler gospel songs on a Gaither Series video. It was to originally be a collection of 17 of their closing gospel songs from their TNN television series The Statler Brothers Show, which was the number one program on the network from 1990- 1996. But when these old friends got together and started reminiscing and remembering the old songs and old stories, the project grew into a two-volume affair and even more songs have been added and can be bought through this website.
The two volumes are titled – The Gospel Music of the Statler Brothers.
Released May 18, 2010.

Wilson Fairchild is the new name you’ll be hearing

Wil and Langdon Reid, sons of Statlers Harold and Don, have made a lot of friends throughout the country under the name of Grandstaff. But now a new, fresh name has taken the lead and you’ll be hearing from them on record and in concert as Wilson Fairchild. Same guys, but a new and exciting twist of the music and you’ll feel just as at home with the new as you were comfortable with the old. For more on their name, their music, recordings and concerts, visit their website: