Statler Brothers Gold

A two-CD compilation of 42 top Statler Brothers songs. Together with a 20-page booklet of Statler history, you also get black and white and color pictures. This collection is essential for any long-time fan or for someone just getting tuned into the unique Statler melodies and lyrics.

Flowers On The Wall/Ruthless/You Can't Have Your Kate and Edith, Too/Bed Of Rose's/Do You Remember These?/Class of ˜57/Woman Without A Home/Susan When She Tried/I'll Go To My Grave Loving You/Your Picture In The Paper/Thank God I've Got You/I Was There/Silver Medals And Sweet Memories/Some I Wrote/Do You Know You Are My Sunshine?/Who Am I To Say?/The Official Historian On Shirley Jean Berrell/Nothing As Original As You/Better Than I Did Then/Charlotte's Web/Don't Forget Yourself.

Don't Wait On Me/Years Ago/You'll Be Back/Child Of The 50s/O Baby Mine/Guilty/Elizabeth/Atlanta Blue/One Takes The Blame/My Only Love/Hello Mary Lou/Too Much On My Heart/Sweeter And Sweeter/Count On Me/Only You/Forever/I'll Be The One/The Best I Know How/Am I Crazy?/Let's Get Started If We're Gonna Break My Heart/More Than A Name On A Wall.


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