Farewell Concert – LIVE DVD

The very essence of their 40-year career is captured in this final performance, Oct. 26, 2002 , which was the only time they ever allowed an in-door concert to be video taped. All the hits and all the comedy makes this a  must.

Songs on the Farewell Concert: Do You Remember These, Do You Know You Are My Sunshine, Susan When She Tried, Too Much On My Heart, Class Of '57, Bed Of Roses, Oh Baby Mine, Moments To Remember, Memories Are Made Of This, The Great Pretender, Whatever Happened To Randolph Scott, More Than A Name On A Wall, Flowers On The Wall, Elizabeth, I'll Go To My Grave Loving You, A Place On Calvary, How Great Thou Art, This Old House, Thank You World, Amazing Grace

(Live concert includes stories, jokes, thank-yous, retirement notes, and band instrumental)


Price: $19.98

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